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MacKenzie Scott / Yield Giving Donation Announcement

Fundi Bots is thrilled to announce that we are the proud beneficiaries of a generous grant from MacKenzie Scott and her team at Yield Giving. This gift is a strong endorsement of Fundi Bots’ work to transform and accelerate science learning and skills development across Africa.

This transformative gift now lays the foundation for our next phase of growth.  It will enable us to make vital investments in our human and physical capital and is a major step towards our 3-year early-scale campaign.  We are excited to build upon this generous gift as we work towards our bold goal of transforming science learning for 1 million African children and youth by 2030.

Our work is based on the belief that for young people to become the scientists and problem-solvers that Africa needs, they must build critical skills and science knowledge through active and hands-on learning. Our programs bring science alive, from our initial robotics and coding programs to the newer Enhanced Science Curriculum (ESC), which we are implementing in schools across Uganda with plans to scale more broadly across Africa.

The Enhanced Science Curriculum was developed to align directly with Uganda’s National Curriculum. It is currently reaching more than 14,000 students in a range of school settings and demonstrating significantly improved learning outcomes. ESC transforms classrooms into vibrant learning spaces through a comprehensive approach: a wide range of innovative tools and experiments for primary and secondary classes, detailed guides for students and teachers, ongoing classroom coaching and teacher training.

ESC intentionally builds both core scientific skills and the skills needed for employment, such as critical thinking, communication and teamwork. ESC targets the most disadvantaged and under-resourced schools and populations, with an emphasis on reaching girls.

In addition, Fundi Bots extends its reach through robotics and STEM training in extracurricular school settings, video and print content for young people to learn science at home, and STEM work-force training and job placement for out-of-school youth. We are also exploring broadcast and on-line learning to scale, promote and accelerate science learning across the continent.

We are deeply grateful for the support from MacKenzie Scott and are excited to embark on the work that lies ahead with a range of partners committed to the long-term journey of transforming science learning on the continent.

About Fundi Bots

Fundi Bots promotes improved, practical science education in African schools and communities through the provision of hands-on skills and project-based training, with a strong focus on rural and underprivileged regions and a push for equitable inclusion for girls.

Fundi Bots works through two main learning experiences:

  1. Robotics/STEM training
  2. Enhanced Science Curriculum

These two learning experiences provide practical, hands-on training for students in everything from building robots and coding to project-based learning experiences built on top of the official government curriculum. Our learning experiences provide a well-rounded and engaging methodology to increase students’ performance in classrooms and provide career training and technical skills through custom STEM programs and curriculum.