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Our Work

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What We Do

Fundi Bots promotes improved, practical science education in African schools and communities through the provision of hands-on skills and project-based training, with a strong focus on rural and underprivileged regions and a push for equitable inclusion for girls.

Our 10-Year Mission is to accelerate science learning and provide skills training for 1 million African youth by 2030.

How We Transform Learning

Fundi Bots works through two main learning experiences which provide practical, hands-on training for students in everything from building robots and coding to project-based learning experiences built on top of the official government curriculum. These learning experiences utilize a well-rounded and engaging methodology to increase students’ performance in classrooms and provide career training and technical skills through custom STEM programs and curriculum.

01.Robotics / STEM Training

Students exhibiting their robotics projects during a Fundi Bots class

The Fundi Bots STEM/Robotics training provides extra-curricular learning experiences that augment classroom lessons and provide skills-based learning outcomes beyond academic performance to prepare students for life beyond school.

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02.Enhanced Science Curriculum

Fundi Bots students using the Enhanced Science Curriculum Tools for practical learning in their classes

The Fundi Bots Enhanced Science curriculum is embedded directly into the national curriculum, supporting learning implementation and outcomes from an academic perspective. It also provides pedagogy and skills training for teachers of science.

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Our Program Pillars

Fundi Bots works through three main program areas that are a reflection of how, where and when we carry out our interventions. These program areas are: Fundi @School, Fundi @Home and Fundi @Work. Additionally, the Fundi Girls program is designed to run as a stand-alone model that is also a thread that weaves through all the work that we do at Fundi Bots.

Each program area contains activities that are tailored to the specific need of the community and target audience. Each program area also maintains our two learning experiences, i.e. Robotics/STEM training and the Enhanced Science Curriculum.


Fundi @School


Fundi @Home


Fundi @Work


Fundi Girls

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