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School Outreach Program

Fundi Bots / School Outreach Program


The School Outreach Program focuses on providing awareness, knowledge, resources and training and resources at the school level and includes: hands-on robotics training workshops, speaker presentations, science project assistance, career guidance and skills development.

The School Outreach schedules are flexible and are primarily determined by the school’s time-table.

How We Train

Our School Outreach Programs take place across all regions in Uganda, and are managed independently by the regional centers. As of 2020, Fundi Bots has four regional centers: Central Region, managed by the Kampala office; Eastern Region, managed by the Mbale office; Northern Region, managed by the Gulu office and Western Region, managed by the Mbarara office.

Together, these regions manage a total of 175+ schools and have worked with over 10,000 students over the years.

Our school outreaches account for 94% of our total student audience and are carried out at no cost to the school. We primarily engage government schools and teachers during our school outreach programs.

Training in Progress

Students undergoing a robotics training session in a school within Kampala. Our training sessions take place across hundreds of government and private schools within Uganda.

Why Robotics?

Building a robot is a fun and exciting experience for almost everyone, because everyone who sees one almost immediately wants to learn how to make one. This willingness and interest mean that the student has given us the permission to teach them and is fully invested in their own learning.

Robotics is also a very interesting entry point to a very wide range of topics and fields of science, which creates a deeper, wider and more holistic approach to knowledge acquisition and application.

But, the truly magical part is that once students are done, they no longer care about the robot, but have picked up considerable interest in specific fields and topics. For example, they want to learn more programming to build games and apps and animations. They want to design better mechanical systems for cars. They want to build aeroplanes and rockets that go into space. And ultimately, they want to build solutions from problems they face at home and in their communities.

At the end of the day, the robot is simply a tool that enables, empowers and accelerates learning. The robot-building journey significantly changes mindsets and transforms students from students waiting in class to learn into people who actively seek knowledge for the betterment of themselves and the world the live in.

2019/2020 Impact In Numbers

Fundi Bots internships undergoing a project development training.

Students Trained 2019/2020

Since January 2019, we've reached a total of 8,239 students across all Fundi Bots programs (School outreaches, Fundi Girls, integrated schools, Fundi Space Access and girls inspiration events).

This was distributed as 52% female and 48% male.





Two students assembling a robot alongside an instructor at Fundi Bots

Schools Engaged

We primarily work with government schools (urban and rural) who represent about 94% of our beneficiaries.