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Enhanced Science Curriculum

Fundi Bots Enhanced Science Curriculum teachers looking and testing tools

The Fundi Bots Enhanced Science Curriculum is a program Fundi Bots is developing to accelerate science learning for all science students in an education system.

It’s designed to be directly embedded within the national curriculum. It involves the development of modules, teaching aids and practical learning tools for teachers and students. Together, these improve student engagement and pedagogical delivery.

In 2020, we started the ESC pilot project in 10 schools with 18 teachers, reaching an estimated 1,000 students. We trained a total of 36  teachers and provided daily classroom-based support to the teachers participating in the pilot.

How It Works

The Enhanced Science Curriculum focuses on supporting the National curriculum in schools by designing and developing learning modules as well as practical tools for those modules based on the National curriculum. These tools are then simulated practically, confirmed as effective prototypes and replicated for wider use.

After this, the team trains teachers on the use of tools  in the classroom and what this would mean for learning in their classroom. The tools are then deployed in schools with designated support staff to support teachers, monitor tool use, effectiveness, and user friendliness. Their feedback is used to improve the design of the tools and the learning outcomes.

Impact Evaluation

Our priority for rigorous evaluation/evidence is with the Enhanced Science Curriculum. We’ll be working hand-in-hand with an external consultant to provide an independent assessment of our work while also helping us improve our models for curriculum development and impact assessment.

This hybrid approach will be used to provide a rigorous internal review and simultaneous independent assessment of our work that can be used for policy and advocacy conversations while securing additional funding to expand the program and have dedicated impact evaluation.

The evaluation is aimed at answering the following research questions;

  • How has the Enhanced Science Curriculum improved on students understanding of science?
  • How have the Enhanced Science Curriculum tools improved on teachers teaching methodology

The goal is explore the full scope of impact with a target of minimal support from Fundi Bots to ensure full scalability across Africa.