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Holiday Robotics Registration

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Holiday Robotics August 2024 Class Registration

Our Robotics training sessions are designed to equip your child with skills in electronics and mechanics (designing the structure of the robot) as well as programming (instructing a robot to perform a specific task).

Our Coding training sessions explore designing games (game development), web applications, website development, and designing graphics with specific programming languages mainly Scratch, Pictoblox, and Python.

Fundi Bots is organizing an exciting Robotics camp for your children to enjoy during their holiday. They’ll learn how robots are built, write programs and create cool science projects.

Our Holiday Robotics/ STEM training provides extra-curricular learning experiences that improve learning outcomes beyond academic performance and prepare students for life beyond school.

Registering your child/ children allows you to book a spot for them as well as, enable our team to adequately plan and serve you efficiently.
Limited slots available.

For more details about our Holiday Robotics camp, see our FAQs 

This form is to enable you register your child for the 2024 Holiday Robotics training class that will run for a period of two weeks from 26th August- 7th September 2024.