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Careers & Skills Pillar

Fundi Bots / Careers & Skills Pillar

Fundi Bots promotes high-impact, hands-on practical skills development and career training through a diverse range of programs and services, each of which is tailored to the specific need of the target community or beneficiaries. The Careers & Skills Program Pillar encompasses activities that take place outside the school environment and has a target audience of secondary school and university students, or out-of-school youth within the same age range.


01Robotics & STEM Training

The Robotics & STEM training program provides hands-on training in robotics, STEM and ICT for students in schools to improve understanding of school curriculum and to extend learning beyond the classroom (providing skills-training and future career development).

This program forms the core of our work and creates an implementation foundation for all the other programs within Fundi Bots.


02Fundi @Work

Fundi @Work provides high-impact, high-value STEM skills training to out-of-school youth, creating opportunities for job placement, mentorship and livelihood development. The target audience is youth who dropped out of school in secondary school and are unable to attain further education.

Fundi @Work piggy-backs on existing activities within our Skills & Careers pillar.


03Internship Training

The Fundi Bots Internship program is an annual activity that provides fast-paced, practical and industry relevant training for university students who are in their internship period. Our program offers a combination of intensive practical learning in robotics and STEM, soft-skills development and job training.

Our internship program takes place once a year for three months across all our regional offices.


06Fundi Girls

Fundi Girls is an equity-focused program that aims to increase classroom engagement and bring more girls into STEM / science fields by intentionally engaging more girls and women and providing increased resources, training and exposure where necessary.

Fundi Girls operates both as a stand-alone program and as a thread of intentionality that runs through all our work.