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  • Skills-based, practical Science Education in Schools
  • Fundi Bots students pose for photos during the filming of a documentary

    Fundi Bots students pose for photos during the filming of a documentary

  • A Fundi Bots students works on her robot during class.

    A Fundi Bots students works on her robot during class.

Hello. Welcome to Fundi Bots

We provide hands-on, practical Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)) education to children and youth in classrooms, communities and universities.

Our students learn how to build robots, which radically improves school curriculum knowledge, classroom performance, provides hands-on vocational skills and career development and empowers students to be forces of change in their communities.

The Fundi Bots learning model is practical, fun, engaging and puts students in a collaborative and exploratory learning environment that inspires them to think beyond simply passing classroom examinations.

Schools & Educators

Fundi Bots can help improve learning outcomes for your science students inside and outside the classroom through a powerful and immersive learning experience.

Under our School Outreach Program, we introduce students to robotics through presentations and short trainings.

By fusing engineering, science and robotics with art and creativity, our Integrated Program and After-School Program can help activate student learning, scientific curiosity and improve performance in the classroom.

For Parents

Fundi Bots is very committed to helping your child reach their true potential and achieve their dreams.

Through our After-School Program and Fundi Academy you can give your child an edge in school and prepare them better for careers in science.

Or they can simply come for a fun, practical after-school or holiday experience with robots, programming and technology discover. Click here to see our current holiday classes and weekend classes.

For Students

Our Fundi Spaces provide a place outside school where you can learn about science and technology by building robots, programming games, and working on all sorts of cool projects. Plus, you get skills training and mentor-ship for your future career.

Also, our After-School Program or Integrated Program in your school, we can help you and your fellow students learn science practically and help improve your performance in science subjects.

7500 Students reached
Since its inception in 2011, Fundi Bots has worked with over 7,500 students. We have inspired, mentored, advised, trained and guided thousands of students. Along the way, we have helped them improve academic performance, pursue science careers and become innovators and change-makers.
120 Schools in our network
Fundi Bots has worked with over 120 schools. Our school outreach program provides access to enhanced curriculum education, skills development and training resources in schools. Some of our activities include speaker presentations, hands-on robotics training and the setting up of robotics clubs.
4 Regional centers (Fundi Spaces)
We currently have four Fundi Spaces; Kampala, Mbale, Gulu and opening soon in Mbarara

Fundi Spaces are places where all youth in — school and out of school – can access our robotics training, workshops, events and innovation tools.

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