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Technological Leadership

27 Aug

Fundi Lindsay Craig is in Uganda for the next few months, helping us with our curriculum and setting up the new lab. He’s blogging over at Make Robots Not War about his experiences:

“Here at Fundi Bots there are two goals that drive everything else- to educate anyone in Uganda who can help advance the technological shift envisioned and to be that technological shift ourselves. Limitations such as a lack of electrical power for days on end, an intermittent internet connection or hard to find commercial sources of electrical components hardly daunt the people I work with. Believe me, nothing will test and develop your teaching skills like continuing with a robotics lesson in a classroom where power has just shut down. Conservation and alternative sources of energy become more than just a good idea. They become an imperative. These types of parameters make it all the more obvious why the R & D side of Fundi Bots is so important and can’t help but grow at an incredibly rate once it’s off the ground. “

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