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Quick Update: Eagle Design Crashcourse and the Other Mill

21 Jul

After a phenomenal week at the Echoing Green New Fellows Retreat (an update for another day), I’ve spent the last couple of days in Boulder, Colorado, with Linz Craig, formerly with Sparkfun Electronics, learning how to prototype electronic circuit boards using Eagle. After a crash course by Linz, I jumped right in and Googled the heck out of the obstacles I faced. The result it this relatively simple circuit and breadboard designs that are both professionally designed and ready for etching / milling.


As part of the Fundi Bots self-sustainability model, we’ll be prototyping and designing professional-grade products that we can bring to market. Linz is bringing with him an Othermill (below) and we have a 3D printer. As we add more prototyping tools to our arsenal, you’ll see a lot more of the innovation side of our program as students, educators, engineers and programmers come together to revolutionize the hardware technology space in Uganda.


After watching our team create complex circuits through “jua kali” processes, it’s an incredibly huge step to now have the capacity to produce professional grade electronic products with very low failure rates and high fault-tolerances.

– Solomon King

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