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#IAmFundi Documentary

I Am Fundi from Actuality Media on Vimeo.

  • Producer: Violetta Rulova
  • Director: Riede Dervay
  • Cinematographer: Kylie Iva
  • Editor: Ashunda Norris
  • Sound Tech and Assistant Editor: Bess Zewdie

“I Am

3 Aug

Design Indaba Profile: Transforming science education in Uganda

Solomon King Benge: Transforming science education in Uganda from Design Indaba on Vimeo.

“Science education should be hands-on and interactive, says Fundi Bots founder Solomon King Benge.

Could teaching Uganda’s youth about robotics bring real change to the developing nation? Amateur roboticist

2 Aug

TEDx Kampala: Changing the Destiny of African Science Students through Robotics

In January 2015, our Founder, Solomon King Benge spoke at TEDxKampala. He highlighted the plight of the average Ugandan student who, driven by passion and curiosity for the sciences, is enrolled into an education system focused more on quantity of students passing through

1 Aug

Fundi Bots 2012 Nabisunsa Robotics Camp

Fundi Bots – Robotics Camp & Programme Documentary from Elemental Edge on Vimeo.

A highlight video from our very first Robotics Camp in 2012, held at Nabisunsa Girls School. The camp was funded by Google RISE and had over 30 participants,

1 Aug