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Observer – Fundi Bots: building robots one school at a time

4 Mar

Diana Naava says that if, while in high school, she had been shown how relevant and practical some subjects were, she would have done much better.

“Those food tests we did; I never understood why we were doing them,” Naava says.

It was only after further exposure that Naava realized the tests are relevant to individuals who work with food especially food scientists. Moses Jagwer, a teacher at Taibah International School, says it is extremely important for teachers to explain to students why they learn particular subjects.

“There is an objective for every learning process and a good teacher has to point out this objective to his/her students. Students have to be shown the relevance of subjects they are studying,” Jagwer says.

Fundi Bots, a Ugandan robotics organization that holds robotics outreach programmes in schools, is doing exactly that. Through an outreach programme that builds robots, Fundi Bots shows students how physics, biology, engineering, mechanics and computing concepts work in practice.

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