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Introducing Fundi @Home

Fundi Bots is excited to introduce Fundi @Home!

Fundi @Home is a weekly learning journey for you and your child to explore the wonderful world of science using tools and materials that can easily be found around the home.

31 May

Fundi Bots Founder Solomon King’s talk at TEDxKampala

Please take a few minutes to watch and share with your social circles. We believe that the more people hear and see our impact, the better our chances to change the education landscape in Africa.

10 Mar
  • Fundi Bots Training at Kira SS - 23rd March 2011
  • Fundi Bots Training at Kira SS - 23rd March 2011
  • Fundi Bots Training at Kira SS - 23rd March 2011

Retrospective: Robotics Presentation March 23rd 2011

So I’m going through thousands of photos of Fundi Bots in action over the years and it hits me how far we’ve managed to reach

10 Jun

Fundi Bots Robotics Camp Program and Documentary

In April 2012, Fundi Bots had its first ever Robotics Camp at Nabisunsa Girls School. To the best of our knowledge, it was also the first Robotics Camp in the country. We had over 35 students from various secondary schools, and a volunteer team of 5 facilitators and

12 Apr

Fundi Bots home made robot

This robot is being built using local materials by one of the student clubs. The drive system is made from a bicycle spoke and chain

20 Aug

Building Sparky

Most of the students we work with (and some adults) have been a little disappointed with the Rovers because they look too much like toy

20 Aug

Fundi Bots featured by the BBC

This morning, the Fundi Bots team woke up to the exciting news that Fundi Bots had been featured by the BBC in the Technology for Business section. See excerpt and full link below.

Can robotics change the future of a nation?

“I want to go deeper into machines – automatic

24 Jul

Fundi bots awarded Google RISE Grant

We’re excited to announce that Fundi Bots was awarded a significant amount of funding through the Google RISE (Google Roots in Science and Engineering). This is a significant breakthrough for Fundi Bots and we’re excited by the potential extent to which our robotics outreach program can go.

31 Jan

The new pseudo-BEAM Walker sneak preview

Sneak preview of the new Fundi Bots Walker robot, to be demo-ed and debut at this weekend’s Fundi Bots school sessions at Nabisunsa (Friday) and

11 Sep

Midnight Experiments, 8 x 8 LED matrix

LEDs are light emitting diodes, and they are those little red, green, blue, green, etc lights that you see blinking from almost every electronic device

8 Aug