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Introducing Fundi @Home

Fundi Bots is excited to introduce Fundi @Home!

Fundi @Home is a weekly learning journey for you and your child to explore the wonderful world of science using tools and materials that can easily be found around the home.

31 May

Fundi Inspiration: Kendra Toole, Aerospace Engineer is coming to Fundi Bots!

At Fundi Bots, we’re always looking for opportunities to inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators. To achieve that, we’ve created a “Fundi Inspiration” event

10 Apr

End of Season 3 and 4 Robotics Class

This week marks the end of Season 3  (Weekend Class) and the Vacists and Holiday Makers class. It has been a combined ten weeks of a great journey with all the young Fundis.

To all our Fundi Parents, There will be a Certificate giving Ceremony at the Fundi Space-

17 Dec

Vacists and Holiday Makers Robotics Class

Fundi Bots is thrilled to announce that Robotics class is back again for Season 4. The Vacists and Holiday makers Robotics class starts on Monday 7th December 2015 to Friday 18th December 2015. 

We have three classes, a Beginner’s Class for children aged 6 to 9, an Intermediate Class for

2 Dec

Fundi Made

At Fundi Bots, we’re working towards producing locally relevant technology solutions. The first step to doing this is ensuring that our electronics are professionally designed, reliable and occupy as little space as possible.

The end-result is to be able to create professional grade electronics right in our Fundi Spaces, and

27 Oct

Technological Leadership

Fundi Lindsay Craig is in Uganda for the next few months, helping us with our curriculum and setting up the new lab. He’s

27 Aug

Quick Update: Eagle Design Crashcourse and the Other Mill

After a phenomenal week at the Echoing Green New Fellows Retreat (an update for another day), I’ve spent the last couple of days in Boulder,

21 Jul