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Pakasa Forum back: to tip youth on social responsibility in business

” Too often, young people are attracted to business for sheer profit or simply as a means of survival. But an entrepreneur is simply a problem solver.”

Read more: http://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1420947/pakasa-forum-tip-youth-social-responsibility-business


11 Aug

Biztech Africa- Fundi Bots develops robots to irrigate Ugandan farms

An enterprising Ugandan youth has developed an automated irrigation system that helps busy farmers in monitoring and irrigating farms at the touch of a button, at a time when technology advancement in the continent is on a rise with latest statistics indicating a growth in internet penetration of

11 Aug

Fundi Inspiration: Kendra Toole, Aerospace Engineer is coming to Fundi Bots!

At Fundi Bots, we’re always looking for opportunities to inspire the next generation of scientists and innovators. To achieve that, we’ve created a “Fundi Inspiration” event

10 Apr

CNN – Young Minds, Bright Futures

“Building and programming a robot from scratch may sound like an impossible task to most primary school students, but one man is changing that mind-set for a generation of Ugandans.

By showing students as young as six how robots can solve real-world problems, Fundi Bots founder Solomon King Benge

19 Jan

Technological Leadership

Fundi Lindsay Craig is in Uganda for the next few months, helping us with our curriculum and setting up the new lab. He’s

27 Aug

We’re 2014 Echoing Green Fellows!


Fundi Bots is thrilled to announce our participation in the 2014 Echoing Green Global Fellows Program. Our founder Solomon King was chosen out of almost 3,000 applicants

26 Jun

Youth Hub Africa Interview – I enjoy building robots

How many African youth are into building and creating hardware? In a continent where majority if not all of the countries import safety pins and match

15 Apr

Wired UK – Meet the Young Entrepreneurs turning Kampala into a tech hub

“Kampala is known as the capital of chaos,” says TMS “Teddy” Ruge, Ugandan entrepreneur, graphic designer and cofounder of Kampala’s first tech incubator, Hive Colab.

30 Aug

Ciril Jazbec – Kampala Rising

On the startlingly green shores of Lake Victoria, on the other side of Kenya and Tanzania, a new generation is ready to upend your perception

12 Jun

BBC – Can robotics change the future of a nation?

“I want to go deeper into machines – automatic machines. I was inspired by him when he came to school – so I had to

23 Jul