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Robotics Training -January 2017

10 Jan

The Fundi Bots Robotics Training for Kids  starts this month. We are kicking off the year with the first batch of classes for young people on holiday 6-18 years . Come discover, learn and create cool projects in our Robotics classes.

Class options are:

Daily– Monday to Friday 16th-27th January 2017 or weekend (Saturdays only) 21st January- 11th March 2017

Fee: 150,000/=

Class Duration : 2 Hours

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Educational goals and objectives.

Children will leave the Robotics for Kids program with:

-A new love and passion for science and the knowledge that anyone, regardless of age, gender or background can become a scientist and use science in creative and innovative ways.

-A understanding of how scientists think, from forming an idea and hypothesis, collect information and use that information to make scientific experiments.

-A great understanding of how to use computers, how to make simple programs and use those programs to sense and react to objects in the real world.

-A practical knowledge of how electricity works and how electronic components can be manipulated using simple electronic circuits.

-A robot they have assembled themselves, along with other materials they can use to continue experimenting at home and in school.

-Robotics Badges and Certificates that shows the skills that they have learnt and the level they have reached in those skills.





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