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Midnight Experiments, 8 x 8 LED matrix

LEDs are light emitting diodes, and they are those little red, green, blue, green, etc lights that you see blinking from almost every electronic device

8 Aug

High School Students build construction model robots

News Update from The Daily Monitor

Students of Gayaza High School and St. Mary’s College Kisubi have created models of two heavy equipment of importance to the construction and manufacturing industries. The robots include a heavy load carrier baptised “NXT Robot” developed by Gayaza students and a remote-controlled crane

21 Jul

The Story of a Dreamer

Hello, my name is Solomon King, and I have a dream I would like to share with you. And to perhaps, convince you to help me make this dream a reality.

But first, allow me to tell you a story. Actually, it’s my story, and I hope you will

22 Jun